When you shop in Bermuda, you’re sure to find a treasure trove of tempting buys. Locally crafted souvenirs and crafts top the list, while designer clothing, jewelry, and the eponymous Bermuda shorts are easy to spot in this shopping haven. What’s different about shopping here? One-of-a-kind items are paired with trusted brand names—and it’s all sales tax-free.


Cute Boutiques to Designer Department Stores...Bermuda offers anything you need.

Walker Christopher

At Walker Christopher Ltd. on Front Street in Hamilton, (located just across the street from the ferry terminal), you can work with a jeweler to design your own exclusive piece of wearable art or choose from classic diamond bands, strands of South Sea pearls, and the more contemporary hand-hammered chokers. The shop also produces a line of Bermuda-inspired gold jewelry and sterling silver Christmas ornaments. Check out their collection of rare coins -- gold doubloons and silver “pieces of eight” salvaged from sunken galleons, as well as Greek and Roman coins that can be mounted and worn. Customers can select loose stones and unique original settings by themselves, or they can have their own jewelry created. The Walker Christopher line includes gold chains, watches and a host of pendants and ornaments in animal form. The tree frogs are very popular! Visit Walker Christopher Ltd. Monday through Saturday from 9 until 5 for unique wearable art.


The Island Shop

Located in the heart of Hamilton, The Island Shop is a Bermuda favorite and for good reason. You can find some of the most unique gifts, ceramics and linens. The majority of The Island Shop showcases the collection of homewares and linens designed by Barbara Finsness.  Her signature collection focuses on beauty and color and finds Bermuda endlessly inspiring in both categories. Her embroidered pillows, handtowels, tableware, ceramics - all feature the unique floral, architectural and nautical elements of the Island.  Barbara and her work are highly regarded in the community and beyond – she has also been commissioned to design exclusive pieces for the Bermuda Society of Arts, the National Gallery, the Bermuda Botanical Society and the Eliza Dolittle Society.

In other words, Barbara’s style and the wares found at the Island Shop are the perfect take home from Bermuda, or if you’re a Bermuda native, there are beautiful hostess  or Birthday gifts for any Bermuda home-owner.  They are also selling World Rugby Classic pieces, polos, ties, etc. And if you got home and wished you’d purchased that special tie or that linen set, you can purchase online – check out their online store at www.islandexports.com



• FAIRMONT SOUTHAMPTON • TEL: (441) 238-5999



Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery

If you’re interested in something truly unique and very Bermuda, then you shouldn’t miss the pieces at Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery. Alexandra has been designing studio art jewelry since 2005 and each jewelry treasure is meticulously crafted by hand and made with sterling silver, gold, and precious and semi-precious stones. Inspired by the beauty of Bermuda, Alexandra’s collections are truly innovative and unique. Her signature piece is the lust worthy Bermuda Reef Collection Ribbon Necklace that captures your memories of Bermuda with its pink coral sand set in beautiful sterling silver. No matter what your style or personality, the jewelry from Alexandra Mosher––whether you choose the delicate Caviar stud earrings or the bolder Spirit of Bermuda Club Pin, you will be sure to project your own distinct individuality. The art jewelry designs found at Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery are special because they are all inspired by the motifs found in Bermuda’s flora and fauna, the ocean, architecture, history, and culture. The pieces are organic, elegant, wearable, and collectible. Visit her studio in Warwick by appointment or check out the treasures online at www.alexandramosher.com.


Pirate's Port

Your one stop shop for fashionable clothing and basics for babies, children, preteens, and women is Pirate’s Port located on Reid Street in Hamilton. Here you can find a boutique environment without the boutique prices. Shopping for children has never been easier because Pirate’s Port coordinates their pieces so that you’ll find tops and bottoms that match right in the same spot! From casual wear to school wear and dressy occasions, Pirate’s Port has a surprisingly wide selection in all sizes. They also carry basics like underwear and socks in varied sizes and styles. The Pirate’s Port women’s store has an eclectic collection of trendy clothing in sizes 0 to 15, as well as an assorted selection of costume jewelry at very reasonable prices. Pirate’s Port has been serving Bermuda since the early 1950s, but this is not your mother’s Pirate Port! In the last year, the store has been revamped and if you’re looking for trendy and fashionable sportswear, this is the place to shop to find what’s in style at a good value. Pirate’s Port is open daily from 9 to 5 and on Friday and Saturday from 9 to 5:30.


The Phoenix Stores

The Phoenix Stores in the heart of Hamilton are not to be missed on your shopping excursion. Whether it’s a best seller, a Bermuda cook book, or a special Bermuda calendar to take home, the Book Mart on Reid Street has it all. Get your prescriptions filled at one of the Phoenix Stores six pharmacies all conveniently located around the island to save you a trip into Hamilton or pick up a special gift for someone at home at Brown & Co. At Brown & Co., you can ‘expect the unexpected’ with their fine selection of gifts and souvenirs unique to the island of Bermuda. Everyday brings a new look to this store within a store, where you can find everything from designer sunglasses and name brand perfumes to fashion jewelry and a great selection of home decor products (from the necessary pots and pans to the truly unique piece of pottery). Their P-Tech store allows you to indulge in the latest cutting-edge brands of electronics (MP3 players, digital cameras, speaker systems, and more!) and has a full service photo development center. Their Annex Toys store is Bermuda’s leading toy retailer,  filled with toys  that are sure to delight your child and help their creativity and imagination to soar. From action figures and Barbie dolls to remote control cars and puzzles, this toy store has everything to keep kids busy and happy.



Lindo's Supermarkets

After you’ve styled yourself in all the latest fashions and jewelry, bought your gifts, and treated the kids some new toys, you’ll want to stop by Lindo’s Supermarkets for some sustenance. Here you’ll be met with the best in choice deli items, meats, vegetables, frozen food, snacks, and pet supplies. Lindo’s started over 50 years ago as a small butcher shop, and has grown and expanded into the most successful grocery store chain on the Island. Lindo’s is characteristically known for it’s true family atmosphere, superior customer service, cleanliness, and their ability to provide you with a large variety of products. Their range of products is so overwhelming, that it’s hard to believe they can fit it all in the shop. They carry products from the US, U.K., Europe, Canada, Portugal, and the Caribbean, and are  especially proud of their produce and meat sections that are second to none. Their produce is local whenever possible and when it’s not, it’s imported from only the finest distributors in the U.S.. Visit Lindo’s Market and Pharmacy in the East end of Hamilton and Lindo’s Family Foods in the West. They’re open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. until 7:00 p.m and on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.




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