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Art is many different things to many different people.

Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellry

Alexandra Mosher creates jewelry designs inspired by the striking beautiful motifs indigenous to Bermuda’s flora and fauna, its radiant blue waters, its storied architecture, its rich history and its fabled culture.


After studying jewelry design, fabrication and wax carving at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, the JCC Manhattan and Wolf Studios in Maine, Alexandra returned to Bermuda and “took art off the wall and made it into something you can wear.”

Among her fairy-tale like collections is the “Bermuda Reef” line which includes perfectly pretty pink pieces made with stones that use Bermuda’s legendary sand. The pieces are set in sizzling sterling silver that is hand carved by Alexandra. The “Isla Bermuda” line, bursting with shades of pink and coral, is  crafted using Bermuda’s sand as a focal point.


The “Melt” collection includes “Hibiscus Chandelier” earrings and necklaces with a minimalist design that delight with dripping freshwater pearls and other vivid semi-precious stones. The “Caviar” collection features cuff bracelets, rings, and large stud earrings in gold and silver accented with pearls and labradorite. The “Love Birds” collection highlights exquisite and elegant sophisticated drop earrings.

“Every single piece I make is created with care, attention, skill and love. I make pieces that incorporate a little bit of Bermuda in them. They are items that people can take home or take away with them and be reminded of Bermuda,” Alexandra said.



April Branco Gallery

Painting almost as long as she has been writing her name, April has always been passionate about art. Her true enjoyment comes from sharing this ardor with others and in offering a nurturing environment for the creatively inclined.

Her breathtaking pictures include landscapes and portraits done in both charcoal and luminous pastels. April is a studio artist and uses her photography to create her paintings. “I begin with the emotion I want the viewer to feel. When I am commissioned to create a painting, I will often ask the client what they want to feel when they look at the piece, and I go from there,” April says.


While perusing her paintings one can easily see the emotion, intimacy, joy, vibrancy and wonder April weaves with her palette and brush strokes into every piece. She plays with human emotion and transforms those emotions into an image which tells an intimate yet universal story. April leaves a narration in every one of her works. It’s up to the admirer to read the tale.


“Visitors to Bermuda can come in and purchase a painting that reminds them of their stay here. Others can have a photo shoot done of them on the beach or taken at a special location and the photo they select can be used as reference for a painting. This allows them the opportunity of having a custom piece on their wall at home which reminds them of their time in Bermuda. I have had brides and grooms ask me to paint the church they were married in. I love to paint pieces of a couple just beginning their life together in a cherished and personal setting,” April says with a dreamy undertone.

“My work is high end not high priced. Every piece is a long-term investment, just like a relationship. My paintings create a legacy, akin to an estate fixture that only grows in value and sentimental importance. What I paint today will easily be worth ten times the current purchase price at the height of my career,” April says with conviction and fervor.

Crediting renowned painters Edgar Degas, identified for his works depicting ballerinas, and Johannes Vermeer who painted the famous “Girl With the Pearl Earring,” as influences, it becomes crystal clear where April draws her inspiration from.

Words are a poor substitution to describe April’s incredible work, so take a tour on her website at to see for yourself.


Ideas only take you so far. It’s when you put them on canvas or meld them into delicate jewelry pieces that they come alive, can be shared and can be appreciated.

Sharing space has brought these two brilliant artists much more traffic, both admit, than if they had set up shop on there own. Guests are an eager and eclectic mix, just like Alexandra and April.


These two skilled, accomplished and endearing women are not motivated by money, but by art. A trip to their shared gallery will definitely motivate you to take a piece of them, and Bermuda, home with you.



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